NetEnt slots hails as one of the most popular slots in the industry. The slots boast of an intuitive platform in addition to a attractive designs and features. With the variety of slot games available, a player can easily a find a slot that feeds their tastes and preferences at . The variety of slots range from video slots, classic slots, progressive slots, 3 reel slots an bonus slots among many more. With the attractive lineup of slots, how does NetEnt ensure that the games ensure fairness when spinning the reels? We take a look at how NetEnt operates in the industry.

How Does NetEnt Ensure Fairness?

Before a software developer starts operating and offering gambling services, they must first seek their licenses. It is a standard protocol that separates the legit software developers from the scams. At NetEnt, the firm sought its licenses from the UK Gambling Commission that regulates its services across the globe. In addition, NetEnt also its license and regulation from the Malta Gaming Authority. With these international regulation bodies, it ensures that the slot machines are tested and approved before rolling out to online casinos such as at . The slot machines are tested to ensure it meets the international standards.

  • Slot games feature lines of code on the screen
  • Rigged slots gain house advantage

How does the international regulatory bodies ensure that the slot machines are fair? There are regular checkups for the casino games that ensure that the slot machines meet the set standards. After meeting the international standards for the slot machines, there is certification offered for the variety of casino games. Therefore, before proceeding to wager with your money on a slot game at the casino, read through the licensing and certification of the game by the regulatory bodies. This saves you time and losing your money from trying your luck on slots which are rigged in favor of the house

What about the return to player rates? This is the legal way which a legit online casino can make money off your wager. After checking through the licensing information and you are satisfied with the online casino, you should proceed to checking the return to player of the game. What is the return to player? It refers to the percentage proportion that is payable by the online casino to the player after finishing all rounds. The return to player can be calculated with mathematical formulas. On the flip side, the opposite of the return to player makes part of the house edge.


What About Random Number Generators?

Ever wondered how many people term slot games as a game of pure luck? This is based on the fact that it does not need a strategy to win. It all depends on your luck as the results are purely random. How does the slot machines produce these random outcomes? This is through the random number generator. The RNG refers to a written code installed into the machine's architecture that produces random number with each spin of the reels. What does it mean to a player? It means that each player has the same winning chance as the next player.

When spinning the reel, the RNG displays a number of numbers generated when playing the the slot game. The numbers produced are later translated into results which are displayed on the screen as part of the combinations for the available paylines. Even through the RNG coincides with the Return to Payer, the results will be completely random. It is developed in a manner which is permits the attaining of the desired RTP. Are there intervals between wins and losses? No. The RNG becomes oblivious of the past events after each finished spinning of the reel by the player at the casino.

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