The Pyramid Quest for Immortality game will take you back in time to the land of Pharaohs. Filled with abandoned treasures and riches guards by the gods of light and darkness, you may want to be sure you have the guts to dare them. Thankfully, you have more than 700 ways to win this game. You can play this 5 reel game with as little as 0.1 Euros. Visit to get familiar with the game before trying your luck at it.


The Technology Used

Pyramid Quest for Immortality uses the Avalanche technology, just like Gonzo's Quest. Instead of the spinning motion, the symbols in this game fall into position on the reels. If you land a winning combination, the symbols burst and vanish, leaving space for new symbols to fall. This process continues until you have no more winning combinations. You may want to check with cpffa for more information. Now, every 3 successive avalanches win you an Avalanche Multiplier which multiplies your avalanches from 1 to 10.

Your Avalanche experience does not end with multipliers. Be sure to look out for wilds, which occur when symbols at the top of reels 2,3 and 4 and are part of the winning combination. Your next Avalanche will have a wild symbol, thus, increasing your chances of winning. However, keep in mind that casinos work in such a way that you are more likely to lose than win. Since there are no free spins, be sure to stake only that which you can afford to lose.

Despite the game not offering any free spins, you stand a chance to win big when you play it. This volatile slot game provides up 36,000 times your bet. This implies that a normal spin has the potential to multiply your bet 3,600 times. This means that if you are on a winning streak, or if it is your lucky day, you can leave the online casino a millionaire. Try to gain as much of the hidden treasure as possible, evading the gods of light and darkness.

  • This game uses Avalanche technology
  • You stand to win up to 36,000 times your bet
  • No free spins

Playing in the Pyramids

The game is set deep in the pyramids so if you have the guts, try your luck evading the evil attentions of Horus and Annubis. They are hidden in the golden statues but come alive when an intruder tries to access the Pharaoh's tomb. However, the line-bet multipliers should serve as sufficient inspiration to get you exploring the hidden treasures of ancient Egypt. You can also unlock the slot bonus round if you capture the Wild Golden Ankh. This mystical ankh can create additional treasures for you.

Get into the pyramids for an unforgettable trick in time to explore the treasures buried with the ancient pharaohs. Invade the royal tombs by evading the gods of light and darkness to capture Pharaoh's treasure. Watch out as the game gathers momentum to avoid being swallowed by the gods. But with a top prize of 3.6 million coins up for grabs, gather your wits and put your best foot forward. Pyramid Quest for Immortality is a great title from Netent and is sure to give you all the thrills.

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